Fashion Munster

Big Sunnies* - GIANT VINTAGE
 Leopard shirt - H&M exlusive
The worker bracelet - This is transition  
Jeans shorts - ZARA
Black tights - SIN STORE
Boots - Jeffrey Cambell Lita

OMG, what’s better than a girl wearing Jeffrey Campbell and leopard print!? NOTHING! It’s only appropriate that I introduce one of my fave new stars Paulitta, an artist/blogger from Warszawa, Poland. It was an instant adoration I had when I first checked out her blog/page. It’s incredible to see Paulitta show her support for and The Fashion Munster Pose. She’s such a great example of a true “Fashion Munster” in our industry. Be on the lookout for this new star and follow her blog or else I’ll hurt you!!! Well, maybe not hurt you, but I will be sad if you don’t!

11 komentarzy:

  1. Love the photos! You rock!!! <3

  2. I love the shirt and yous shoes as always x

  3. wyglądasz genialnie! gratuluje wyróżnienia :)

  4. uwielbiam Twoje stylizacje !
    Są przecudowne !
    Zapraszam do siebie:

  5. amazing outfit as always .. Girl you are so pretty!

  6. Pięknie wyglądasz! Kocham tą koszulę i buty!